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Our skilled team in TrustedFix Appliance Repair, is well-versed in addressing a variety of oven and stove issues. We handle everything from unlit burners to uneven baking temperatures. If your burner refuses to light, we will check various parts that might be causing the issue.

In cases where cooking appliances have uneven baking temperatures, our appliance repair experts can quickly diagnose whether it’s an issue with the temperature sensor not working correctly, or a problem with how heat is distributed inside your oven – both common causes for heat irregularities. Misaligned or damaged heating elements may also cause such inconsistencies and require precise adjustments or replacements.

As highly trained professionals backed by years of experience in troubleshooting, both electrical and mechanical problems, commonly found in ovens and stoves – you can trust us in restoring peak performance to your cooking unit, ensuring smooth operation for exceptional home cooking experiences again.


Oven Not Heating

One of the most frequent issues with electric ovens is a failure to heat. This could be caused by several problems such as a broken baking element, a faulty temperature sensor, or issues with the thermostat or fuses. Always unplug your oven before starting any troubleshooting steps yourself.

Uneven Baking or Cooking

If you notice that your food isn’t cooking evenly, it might be due to an uneven heat distribution in your oven. This can be addressed by checking and adjusting the oven’s temperature calibration, verifying that the baking elements are working correctly, or inspecting for insulation damage.

Oven Door Problems

An oven door that doesn’t close or seal properly can lead to significant energy loss and cooking inefficiencies. The two likely causes of this issue are damaged hinges and worn-out gaskets. Both of these parts can usually be replaced fairly easily.

Self-Cleaning Function Not Working

When your oven self-clean function fails to work, potential faults could stem from malfunctioning door locks or issues within the control board. This issue requires a professional to replace the part.


Burners Not Lighting or Heating

Electric burners fail occasionally because they’re subject to constant wear during regular use. Problems range from loose wiring connections right up-to blown-out heating elements which require replacements.

Temperature Control Problems

Issues with controlling heat levels on your stove may arise due to faulty thermostats, requiring recalibration. Another potential issue, is a malfunction switch and other electrical components. Hence, it’s better left to be handled by a professional. 

Odor Issues

Lastly, if you notice unusual odors from your oven or stove, don’t ignore them. This could be due to food spillage burning off, or electrical components overheating. Always seek professional help when dealing with odor issues for safety reasons.

Oven and stove brands


Whirlpool is renowned for its innovative appliances with advanced technology, designed to simplify tasks. Whirlpool ovens and stoves are highly dependable and feature easy-to-clean surfaces, consistent heating, in-built temperature sensors that help achieve ideal cooking conditions, and self-cleaning capabilities.

GE (General Electric)

Known for its durable premium construction, GE offers multifunctional ovens with features like pre-programmed settings, convection capability, ensuring even cooking temperatures. They excel in energy efficiency, addressing environmental concerns while providing optimal performance.


Samsung is known for smart home appliances, integrating seamlessly with other devices. Their robustly built ovens and stoves deliver efficient performances, featuring touchscreen controls, dual door options – offering flexible cooking spaces alongside self-cleaning functions, and maintaining a tidy kitchen environment effortlessly.

LG (Life’s Good)

LG stands out due to high-quality build materials, providing prolonged durability of their appliance line up. Their infrared grill systems preheat quicker than conventional ones saving energy & time; true convection technology allows uniform heat dispersion rendering perfectly cooked meals every single time.


Frigidaire combines user-friendly design with sophisticated functionality, simplifying the overall culinary process. Highlighting features include Quick Bake Convection offering faster and more even multi-rack baking along with Effortless™ Temperature Probe confirming correct cooking temperatures, making it an undisputed choice amongst modern homeowners.


Known for dependability, Maytag provides fine-tunes control over your oven’s heating level. Thanks to the Precise Cooking system guaranteeing evenly cooked dishes each use – complimented by innovative features like self-cleaning mechanisms, reducing upkeep efforts significantly and retaining peak performance over extended periods without major maintenance involvement required.


KitchenAid excels in delivering performance-driven designs, offering numerous cooking modes complimented by smart features like Even-Heat™ True Convection, providing productive cooking conditions through consistent heat management across the appliance, fulfilling all culinary needs


Bosch’s reputation for high quality, reliable, and technology-driven appliances is carried forward in their range of ovens and stoves as well. They stand apart with user-focused designs, energy-smart solutions along with a patented 3D hot air system, ensuring thorough food heating, retaining crispness on exterior & juicy interiors within dishes.


Electrolux impresses users with sleek designs coupled with practical functions. Their ovens feature precise temperature controls which prevent over-cooking plus self-cleaning functionality allows easy maintenance without strain.


Kenmore garners appreciation for its variety suiting various customer requirements—a combination of multipurpose settings, innovative technology applications like Turbo Boil flexibility providing quicker boiling times. These detail-oriented implementations result in consistently dependable performances ensuring customer satisfaction.


JennAir provides well-engineered, stylish, contemporary built-in wall ovens. Featuring customizable options, allowing personalized configurations alongside multimode convection systems, that adapt to individual baking needs–promising desired outcomes every single time, thus removing guesswork entirely from cooking tasks.


Miele stands out with notable features, like Moisture Plus–introducing bursts of steam for best baking results, complemented by TasteControl–stopping overcooking completely while leaving dishes deliciously moist inside & perfect outside. Over time, high quality build materials and meticulous designs justify their premium price tags, paying off through valuable service longevity offered over a lifetime.

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