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There are some common issues most of us will face at one point or another. If you are a not a DIY enthusiast, you can always call our experts in TrustedFix Appliance Repair.

Washing Machine Won’t Start 

This could be due to a power issue, so first check if your washer is receiving power. Inspect the outlet, fuse box and circuit breakers. If those seem okay, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the door lock mechanism as certain machines will refuse to start if they detect their door isn’t properly closed.

Water Not Filling Drum

If water doesn’t fill into your drum adequately, inspect hoses for any bends or blockages. Also, cleaning out filters regularly can help prevent this from happening. Ensure that you have enough water pressure in your home because low pressure might affect how much water fills into the drum.

Washer Leaking Water

To identify where leaks originate- examine carefully around hoses (inlet/outlet), pumps used for circulating/discharging water during various cycles also, verify tub (drum) integrity avoiding structural deformities causing tubing misalignment leading to substantial leakages.

Noisy Washer Operation

Unusual noises often result from imbalanced loads when some heavy items gather on one side – adjusting clothes evenly within the drum reduces this noise . However loud sounds may also hint towards problems with bearings or perhaps foreign objects trapped inside the washer-drum requiring immediate attention-preventing potential damage to bigger component parts-circulation pumps/motors etc .

Clogged Drain

Check for a blockage in your drain hose if your washer isn’t draining. You can check for kinks or twists by running a plumber’s snake along it.

Sometimes small objects or coins can find their way into the water hose and cause damage. You might also have to take the hose off and clean it.
You can prevent these clogs by checking your clothing pockets regularly before washing them. This will ensure that you don’t lose socks or any other items that could block your drain.
You can also avoid overloading your machine to ensure it drains properly. If washers are overloaded with heavy, large loads, they can break.

Rebalancing your load can be done by combining lighter, smaller items of the same fabric with heavier, more heavy items. This will maximize the washer’s efficiency. But this can be challenging. Trust our experts to take care of all your repairs and provide peace of mind.

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Washing Machine Not Spinning

If your washer is not spinning adequately – causes may vary from worn out belts, defective motors or improper load distribution within the basket. Look up specific issues on user-manual or consult professional help if required.

Ineffective Cleaning

For ineffective cleaning – check if you’re using the right quantity of detergent; suitable wash-setting along water-hardness factors as these jointly impact the washing machine’s overall operation leading clean-washing results.

Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration generally originates due imbalanced loads during fast spin-cycles ensure correctly sorting clothes weight/texture wise evenly distributing – Further position washer away from wall supporting it around all 4 corners adjusting legs maintaining optimal machine-stability reducing vibrations effectively.


Top-Loading Washing Machines

Top-loading washing machines are popular for their comfortable loading style that doesn’t require bending down, making them ideal for people with mobility issues. The large drum capacity makes them ideal for families as you can wash more clothes in one load, reducing energy consumption and saving time. Some top-loaders come with an agitator, a spindle located in the center of the tub that aids in moving your laundry around resulting in better cleaning. Others use an impeller at the bottom which gently tumbles clothes while using less water.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

Front-loading washing machines are admired for their high efficiency and superior cleaning capability. They display excellent water and energy efficiency, often meeting specific Environmental Protection Agency standards to earn Energy Star qualifications. They’re gentle on fabrics due to tumble action compared to agitation used by top-loaders. A wide array of models also features steam clean cycles or self-cleaning programs helping eliminate bacteria and odors.

Compact Washing Machines

Measured at only 24 inches wide with a smaller drum volume, compact washing machines make up what they lack in size with flexibility and convenience. Compact washers work best for individuals or small households where space is limited like apartments or townhomes offering decent efficiency satisfying everyday laundry needs without compromising too much on performance aspects providing apt solutions where being footprint conscious is priority.

Portable Washing Machines

Ideal for those who move frequently or live in temporary accommodations—portable washing machines are designed lightweight featuring wheels for easier relocation – Often smaller than standard units; but surprisingly powerful. Connecting directly kitchen/bathroom faucets eliminating need for dedicated plumbing infrastructure works great for renters/students looking for an affordable way to manage personal laundry instead of costly shared-laundry facilities/pay-per-use services.

Stackable Washing Machines

These real space-savers owing unique design–Made up separate dryer/washer units placed vertically making effective use of vertical space while retaining independent functioning. They match the capacity and power of standard side-by-side machines, providing a great solution for people living in apartments or smaller homes. Stackables are typically front-loading since the design allows access to both washer and dryer even when stacked.

Washer repair service

Repairing a washer can sometimes be challenging because it often requires specific parts and tools unique to the model. Our team in TrustedFix Appliance Repairs, is equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to repair any problem your washer may have.