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Common Dryer Problems in Oakville

At TruestedFix Appliance Repair, we’re here to solve your Dryer problems quickly and efficiently. If your Dryer is having an issue, our experienced technicians in Oakville will help bring it back to working order. 

Dryer Won’t Start

Several factors can result in a Dryer failing to start. It could be as basic as an issue with the power supply, meaning you’ll need to verify the plug and fuse box. Next, it could be a faulty receptacle. Using a multimeter, check for continuity. Also, a faulty switch might prevent the Dryer operations due to safety reasons.

The Dryer Won’t Spin

Although it is a common problem, there are several reasons why your Dryer may not spin. It is often the belt that prevents the Dryer from turning. Other possible causes include a faulty roller, motor troubles, or the roller axle. It can be tricky to pinpoint the issue with the Dryer since several parts need to be removed in order to get to the root of the problem.

Dryer Drum Spins But No Heat

Cases when the Dryer’s drum keeps spinning without generating much heat indicate potential problems lying within heating elements or gas valve coils–both key contributors towards creating hot-air inside the Dryer’s tub and necessary towards effective dry-cycles.

Dryer Generates Unusual Noises 

Identifying unusual sounds from your Dryer like squeaking, thumping, or grinding noises may hint on wear and tear damages. Thumbs rattles originating mainly from the Dryer’s drum-support rollers. Over time lint/dirt surfaces compromise the Dryer rotation efficiency, leading to noise due breakdown.  

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Most Commonly Replaced Dryer Parts

Dryer Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is an essential component in your Dryer since it measures and regulates the temperature within.

Dryer Heating Element

The job of your Dryer’s element is to produce heat when electricity passes through it. When there’s a fault with this particular part, you might experience problems like no heat while drying clothes or excessive heat generation that could potentially harm fabrics. 

Dryer Drive Belt

A drive belt ensures smooth rotation of the drum where clothes get dried and tossed around inside while in operation. 


Dryer Drum Rollers

Dealing with more noise than usual? Your issue could be failing drum rollers – they keep tumbling action smooth but do wear out over time leading to thumping noises.

Dryer Door Switch

Your door switch plays an important role by ensuring safety. If it malfunctions, it may result in your Dryer functioning incorrectly or not turning on at all.

Dryer Moisture Sensors

These parts play a key role in an automatic Dryer because they detect how damp your clothing still is and relay that information back to the controls.

Dryer Control Boards

Being the brain of your Dryer, control boards manage every operation from timing to temperature control.